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AAA Auto Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers

Choosing the right auto insurance can be tricky at times. That is why it is recommended that you read, compare and study all quotes well from the different car insurance companies. This way when you decide to choose for the policy of your choice, you will not regret it in the end.

One of the many car insurance companies compared is AAA Auto Insurance. This company was founded on March 4, 1902 and started with 1,000 members only. This company was formed because back then, roads were not maintained well and cars often break down from the road conditions. This is a non-profit organization that has offered road assistance over the past years and is considered to be the oldest among car insurance companies of today.

Compared to other car insurance companies, AAA car insurance offers customers a 12-month policy. With this policy, you can save 5% in one payment. AAA also offers different payment options that you can have so you can pay on flexible terms making it more convenient for you.

aaa auto insurance reviewCustomers also have the option of upgrading their AAA car insurance. For example, let’s say you had an accident and your car is being repaired, AAA will let you have rental car while your car isn’t available.

This has proven to be helpful since other car insurance policies has a 30 day limit only for rental cars after an accident. Vehicle replacement is also an upgrade you can avail.

AAA will replace your car however, this kind of policy apply only to customers whose car is a total loss after an accident. This means that if your car is in total wreck and you owe more than what the vehicle is worth, this car insurance company will issue a check to the finance company or bank for your remaining loan.

For car owners with pets, AAA car insurance offers you their pet coverage. In the event of an accident where your dog or cat is injured, then this car insurance company will pay up to $500. This is applicable on your veterinarian bills. AAA also offers an accident forgiveness program so that if you decide to switch car insurance, the next accident you have can be placed under accident forgiveness program. This will also be evaluated on your driving history. Buying an AAA car insurance will give you the opportunity to all sorts of discounts. Discounts will also be great if you buy more than one policy. But of course, this will depend on the policy holder.

Considering the great benefits you can have in AAA auto insurance seemed promising to many people however, there are many customers who are disappointed with this insurance company.

Here are some of the common complaints I have found out about this car insurance company:

  • Overpriced – once customer complained about AAA charging her for her “changed of mailing address”. Complaint reports show that her monthly coverage doubled to more than $400 when all she wanted was to have her insurance mailed to her dormitory. When she demanded an explanation as to why this has happened, AAA was not able to come up with a good reason for her. Another customer also complained about the same charge. All he wanted was to redirect his insurance mail to his new address but AAA charged him with $680 all because they said he was now living in a different zip code. 
  • Bad customer service – one customer asked for assistance since AAA charged his bank in error and caused it for his policy to lapse. Since AAA had a customer service, the idea of calling them for help and resolution to his account was not given. He complained about the disorganized system that this car insurance has. After many hours on the phone and 6 different people talking to him, he finally decided to let go of his policy and switched to a new one. 
  • Not fully covered – another customer complained about how he was not covered by AAA car insurance when he accidentally ran into a carport. He was a policy holder for 18 years and never had any major accidents until he had this incident. When he finally asked AAA about this, they said he wasn’t covered in that type of accident. As a result, he too switched to a new car insurance company. 

Although AAA Auto Insurance has been rated poorly when it comes to their prices and customer services, this company still has many loyal customers.


In buying car insurance policy, it is best that you evaluate first. This way you know what kind of coverage and services you are getting. Reviewing and comparing quotes will help you get the best kind of car insurance, so make sure that you do your homework before anything else.