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AFLAC was founded in 1955 and is widely known for its supplemental insurance products. This company was founded by brothers John, Paul and Bill Amos. They are a member of Fortune 500 company. Their services are provided through the nation’s employers. This company issues and administers its policies through agents all over the country. As of today, they have at least 70,000 agents all over America and insures more than 50 million worldwide. AFLAC has totaled more than $101 billion worth of assets last 2010 and has an annual revenue of more than $20.7 billion annually. 

Though many claimed that AFLAC is a car insurance company, truth is, Aflac Inc is not a car insurance company. Besides their life insurance business, this company’s policies are all centered around the idea of supplemental insurance. This means that they provide cash to make up for the gaps in other types of insurance coverage. So if in case your car insurance company cannot cover or may not cover any lost income incurred by a traffic accident, Aflac with help you with that. 

Since Aflac is a supplemental insurance, you can make use of their services in connection with your standard auto insurance policy. They can also help you with your health insurance coverage or disability policy. Like any supplemental insurance, Aflac pays cash directly to the policy holder. This means that the policy holder will have the choice of how and where to spend the funds given.  

Even though Aflac is a supplemental insurance company, they are not free from customer complaints. Customers complained about the lengthy processes as well as the company’s lack of communication when it comes to changing their rates or claims. With this, many of their customers had changed to other insurance companies.