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Looking for the best car insurance also means you have to take part in researching about them and. learning all the possible things that you could. Getting the right facts will help you get the information that you need. When it comes to car insurance and facts, let’s take a look at AIG car insurance.  

American International Group, Inc. or AIG is an insurance corporation that started back in the 18th century. They have publicly traded in the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AIG. It has several headquarters found in other parts of the world like London, Paris and Hong Kong but their corporate headquarters is located in New York City. Their office is located inside the American International Building. Currently, AIG owns more than 176 financial services throughout the world besides their car insurance services. They also have 71 insurance entities in the US alone. All of these insurance entities are financially stable which means that they can pay the money needed for claims presented to them by their policy holders. 

The financial problem began when their financial holding company that was subjected to federal regulatory inspection by the Office of the Thrift Supervision. This company made a wrong decision when they invested in collateralized debt instruments. This even is what caused their financial holding to lose a lot of money. By September “AA” which have caused the company to liquidate some of their assets. The Federal Reserve Bank produced an 85 billion credit facility so that this company can increase collateral obligations. In 2009, the US Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank gave AIG as much as 70 billion dollars in investment monies. They also receive 60 billion in credit line and over 52 billion dollars to purchase their mortgage-based assets. 

Due to these problems, many policy holders have decided to transfer to other carriers. So if you wish to purchase this company, make sure that you have done your research first.