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With all the car insurance companies established in Canada, looking for the right car insurance company to for your car can be confusing. There are so many options that you can take and sometimes, it is a bit confusing. If you want to get the best car insurance then look for AXA Canada.  

AXA Canada was established in 1905 as La Prévoyance Insurance Company. Their first office was located in Montreal and since their foundation; their offices had grown all over Quebec, Western Canada, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Today they have more than 2,300 employees and over 4,000 advisors and brokers.  

AXA offers a wide variety of products and services to their customers and interested individuals who are planning to get insured with them. Their products include home insurance, car insurance, life and health insurances. Among their products, the most popular is their car insurance. If you choose their car insurance, AXA offers you better advantages and more benefits that is included in your policy, all free of charges. Their coverage includes Civil Liability Insurance, Collision or Upset Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. You can avail of their free inspection and discount repairs once you are insured with them. They also offer free Vengo Road Assistance in case your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. With these services, customers are sure to enjoy the benefits of being insured with this insurance company. 

There are also a few complaints about this insurance company too. Though they work hard to give the services their customers need, there are those who aren’t truly satisfied. Complaints about this company include not notifying their customers about their premium increases and being unable to communicate with their customers well. Though these complaints are nothing serious, AXA is committed to improve these issues. So if you are planning to get a policy with them, make sure that you have set your mind about it. After all, you will be the one paying for that insurance.