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Acura RSX is a Japanese performance sports car which is also known as the Honda Integra DC5. It was named Acura RSX in North America. The RSX stands for Rally Sportscar eXperimental. This car is known for its sporty design, powerful engine and other great features. Because of this, they have attracted several sports car enthusiasts.  

The Acura RSX ranked number 8 on the Highway Loss Data list. This means that they belong to the top ten most expensive cars to insure. Because they have been ranked as the 8th, this also means that you will be paying high car insurance premiums due to its being most likely to be involved in a car accident. So if you are planning to buy an Acura RSX, you need to get the right information about this car before anything else. This way you will know what you are paying for. 

Knowing what RSX is all about will help you understand why you are paying for expensive car insurance. In order to determine how much you will be paying, insurance underwriters will analyze the car you are driving. Now if the car you chose did bad on the statistical collision data then most likely, it will not be a good standing. For the RSX, the data shows that car owners tend to go faster and drive more recklessly with this. This is why they get into crashes more than others. You should also understand that there are certain features that the SRX have in which insurers take into consideration. 

The Acura RSX has a 200 horsepower engine. This means that they can go really fast if the driver is not careful. It is said that they are able to drive 0-60 mph in a matter of 6.5 seconds. The parts of this car are also imported which is why it is expensive to repair. That is why insurers will charge more. The RSX is also more prone to auto theft, this alone will tell you that insurance companies will surely charge you with high premium rates. Despite the fact that this car is considered to be safe, the Acura RSX is marketed for sport and performance. This means this car is most likely to be involved in crashes and most likely to be stolen. Along with its price, you will surely be paying sky-high insurance. 

An average insurance for this type of car will start from $1,478 per year which is a bit lower than the national average of $1,812. This is why you need to compare car insurance rates for Acura RSX before you sign up for a policy. So if you want to save from car insurance, get as much free quotes that you can from different companies. This way you can compare rates and see what your options are.