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Among the many insurance companies in the country, only those whose names are trusted over the years can last in this industry. One of these companies is the Alfa Insurance Group. This company started way back in 1946 as a product of the Alabama Farmers Association. The company began providing fire insurance to the Alabamian farmers decades ago and since then grew into a larger and more trusted insurance company. Since their establishment, they have expanded from automobile insurance, life, boat, dental, flood, loans, medical and personal umbrella policies.

Services that this company offers include inpatient treatments and auto repairs or injuries claims. They also offer a no-dollar limit for any benefits if you are hospitalized which includes the $300 dollar deductible per person on every admission. They help cover the full year of care to help their customers start all over again. If in case a customer is diagnosed with cancer, they offer 100% allowable amount coverage on Radiation and Chemotherapy.

There are 6 states covered by this insurance company. These are Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee. For now it is still undetermined if they will expand to other areas but with the positive feedbacks that they have been getting, it won’t be long till they do. So if you are planning to ensure in this company, make sure that you live within the mentioned states. Also, don’t forget to compare them with other insurance companies first. This way you can have another option to take if in case they don’t have the policy you like.