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Looking for a good car insurance can be a daunting task. With all the companies to choose and the services they offer, it could get confusing in the process. But if you are determined to get the best one, it will require you time and effort. However, you can also pick your choice and narrow them down to the best. This way you are able to determine which car insurance company you want to get a policy with. When it comes to good car insurance policies, Allianz car insurance can help you with that. 

Allianz was founded and established in Berlin in 1890. In 1949, their main officer was shifted to Munich and in 1970s the company made a breakthrough in their business in Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil and the United States. In 1986, Allianz acquired the Cornhill Insurance PLC in London. It was in 1990 that Allianz expanded their business to eight Eastern European countries. During these years, they also acquired the Fireman’s Fund, an insurer in the United States and as the years grew, they also expanded their branches all over the world. 

Although this insurance company is well known almost all over the world, they also have their share of complaints. Customers often complained about their lack of communications when it comes to changing rules and regulations of their policies. Other complaints involved misrepresentation of some agents as well as not returning phone calls to their policy holders. 

Negative feedbacks are not new to Allianz but despite all that, they are happy to know that they have satisfied customers who have given them enough positive feedbacks to keep them going. Customers who have praised them for a job well done and who has remained loyal to them over the years is what keeps them doing what they know best.