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It’s always a good thing to have someone to back you up in times of trouble. Someone you can rely on in case the inevitable happens. As for car owners, the best support they can have is their car insurance company. That is why many people take the time to study the kind of car insurance policy they will purchase. After all, they will need their help in case accidents happen.

American Family (AmFam) auto insurance began on Oct. 3, 1927 and is a Fortune 500 mutual company. This was founded by insurance salesman Herman Wittwer, starting only with three employers and 346 charter member policy holders. This was also the year when he opened the doors of Farmers Mutual Insurance Company based in Madison, Wisconsin. During that time, the target for this insurance was farmers. This is because Wittwer believed that famers are more at risks than drivers in the city because they drove less and not all during winter. As the need for car insurance expanded, Farmers Mutual also expanded its products and markets. This time they did not cater to just farmers but to a wide variety of customers as well. By 1963, Farmers Mutual officially changed its name to American Family Mutual Insurance Company and over the years has been serving their customers.

Pros – There are great advantages in purchasing a policy in this car insurance. One of these is that since this is a mutual company, policy holders are able to have ownership in the company. This means that customers are investing into the company for its growth as it offers guarantee against unexpected expenditures and losses. With this system, American Family insurance profits a massive amount of $16.3 billion under its management alone and $4.8 billion from its policy holder equity. Besides from this kind of system, this insurance company also offers discounts to its policy holders. These offers apply to those policy holders with multiple vehicle coverage together with home and car insurances. They also have a specialty service called In-Car DriveCam. This is for those interested adult policy holders who have teen drivers. The purpose of this DriveCam is to capture on film any dangerous or risky behavior that their teen drivers can do behind the wheel. With this system, teen drivers have improved their driving of up to 70% and the usage of seatbelt increased from 40% to a 100%.

Among car insurance companies, AmFam has proven to be dedicated in serving their customers. Many of these customers have hailed this car insurance company to have “outstanding service and people”. One customer testified that they are able to give proof to their service when it comes to settling a claim and AmFam never failed them in that area. Another customer also praised this company for being helpful with every question he had on the phone and for helping him with his payments over the phone. However, like many car insurance companies, this company is also not free from complaints and hate rants.

Cons – Unlike other companies, AmFam is only available to 19 states. Most of these states are located in the Central and Western US areas. Another thing that is given much consideration is the fact that this car insurance company reviews clients with credit based insurance scoring. This means that customers are being checked and reviewed first before they are written a policy based on that credit score. However, this may sound good and that it offers customers with lower rates, it does not give any chance to other people who are rebuilding their credit.

Besides from the mentioned facts, there are many customers who are complaining about this car insurance company. Yes, even if they have been in the insurance industry for the last 84 years, they cannot avoid the protests of unsatisfied policy holders. One of the many complaints I have read about this company is that they have charged their prices every month. One customer complained about the $8 increase that he has in his premiums even though he has been with the company for more than 15 years. Another customer also said that this is not the “family” they want. They were denied of their first claim after many years of being loyal to them. AmFam agents were also branded as “rude and unprofessional” to their customers. Customers have complained about that this company was not able to resolve their claims nor were they able to answer questions being asked. They were even called as “a cheap insurance company who charges too much for coverage”.

Although this company has been given all the harsh names whenever customers submit a complaint, they never stop giving the best services that they can. They continued to deliver their products and services in the best ways that they can, all for the sake of their customers. So if you are considering this car insurance company then make sure you have understand your policy before you purchase them.




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