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There are many good car insurance companies established in the early turn of the century. Many of them still exist and have continued to serve their customers with the same reputation that they’ve had in the early days. One of these car insurance companies is the Ameriprise.

Ameriprise was founded by John Tappan when he was 24 years old. The company started when he had investors placed a 5 dollar investment in the company. This gave the company’s asset of $1 million dollars; it was after World War 1 that a west coast entrepreneur named John R. Ridgeway bought Tappan’s company. After the Great Depression, the Investors Syndicate managed to raise $28 million dollars to $153 million dollars. By the time it was 1949, the name of the company was IDS as it entered the mutual fund market. Years later in 1984, a significant buy out of IDS was made by American Express took over with a price of $780 million dollars. It was in 2005 that IDS was changed to Ameriprise Financial when the company had reached 12,000 registered advisors and representatives. Today they have more than 2.8 million individual, institutional and business clients all over the US.

This car insurance company offers a wide variety of umbrella insurance such as RVs, motorcycles and boats. They also provide extra insurance if the claim against your auto policy is beyond the limit of your coverage. So why should you choose Ameriprise? Simple really, this company has a long and rich history when it comes to finances. They have been for more than one hundred years and their services continue up to this day. This is something that other insurance companies cannot compete. Just be aware of the negative side of this company. If in case you want to purchase a policy from them, it is best that you talk to an agent as soon as possible.