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Armed Forces Insurance started its operation in 1887. This was when the Army Cooperative Fire Association was also founded in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. A group of thirty eight officers of the garrison were the first to organize this company in order to provide low-cost fire insurance protection for their personal property. They also gave the same needs to their fellow army officers. Since their establishment, the organization evolved into other types of insurance for its military members. Over the years, AFI has provided multiple types of insurance for its members especially to those who are retired or have been honorably discharged. They also provide insurance for those who are in active duty, their children and spouses, civilian employees of the Department of Defense as well as the members of ROTC. 

This company offers various insurance policies for its members. These policies include insurance for motor homes, art, jewelry, high value homes, antiques, motorcycles, boats and car insurance. The car insurance program has many options. AFI offers liability as well as comprehensive and collision. They also offer discounts and credits for their members which includes multiple policy, multiple vehicle, student discounts and good driver. They also give credits for having anti-theft devices and for taking accident prevention courses.  

Even if this company serves mostly the people in the military, they also have a few complaints. One customer complained that they increase premium rates even though the customer was not able to get any claims or had an accident. Some customers won’t even recommend them because of the services that were poorly given to them. But despite all the negative comments that they had, they continue to do what they have started and make sure that these complaints will not happen again.