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At What Age Does Car Insurance go Down?

cheap car insurance for young drivers 

Getting and paying for your car insurance can sometimes be difficult especially if you are a young driver. You pay more than others all because you belong in the young driver category. But at what age does car insurance go down? You can’t pay high premiums forever, right? To know what age you can start paying low premiums, read this article.  

There are no laws that state at what age car insurance go down. Generally, at the age of 25, car owners can enjoy much lower premium rates compared to younger drivers. Even though 18 is the legal adult age and the age to legally drive a car, it is at the age of 25 that you can stop paying high premiums for being a young driver.  

Statistically speaking, drivers who are under age 25 are high risks for accidents and this is a fact. Younger drivers are more inexperienced when it comes to driving and so the risk of them getting involved in an accident is high. Those in the insurance business know that drivers who are more than 25 years old are more responsible and that makes their risk of getting into an accident lower. When a driver turns 25, car insurance companies will put them or classify them into a different driver class. In return, drivers can then pay much lower car insurance.  

As you can see, 25 years old is the age when car insurance goes down. By the time you are 25, you are either married or a graduate from college, starting your career or family. This is also the time when responsibility accompanies the aging process and as a result lowers your insurance premiums. By the time you are 25, you have all the driving experience you need. If you started driving as early as 16 then you have 9 or 10 years of driving experience by the time you reach this age. Since experience is considered to be one of the best teachers, car insurance companies rely on your experience too. But of course, a good driving record must also be presented if you wish to avail of lower car insurance rates. 

Keeping a good driving record, following traffic rules and maintaining a good track of your driving history can also help you pay lower premiums. However, if you become a senior driver, an increase in your insurance premiums may happen once again. This is because senior drivers are considered to be a high risk for car insurance companies. Medical conditions like heart attacks, strokes and other health conditions are among the many factors that car insurance companies consider once you become a senior driver. Other factors like slow reflexes, blurring of vision and hearing can also be the reason why senior drivers pay a much higher premium.