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Trusting car insurance companies is the main reason why people get car insurances in the first place. They believe that car insurance will help them with finances in case of emergencies. But with the many car insurance companies around, there seemed to be a few who can stick to the commitment that they made with their customers. Among these companies is the Auto Owners Insurance.

Founded in 1917, this car insurance company has served millions of their customers over the years. They are the ones who began paying claims of their clients in cash even when the Great Depression happened. With this, the company has earned its reputation of being the largest casualty and property insurance company even today.

Auto Owners can be counted when it comes to finances. They have maintained their reputation of being financially stable over the years since they have started. They operate on the principle of independent agent systems. This means that this operating system will allow agents to offer comparative quotes and issue polices right where the customer needs it. They are also able to help their customers customized this policy as according to their needs.

Agents are presented as part of the local neighborhood which means that clients can talk to them any time even when calamity strikes. They also offer multi-policy discounts to those who are policy holders, offering them a wide variety of products and can help them quickly with claims. Though this sounds promising to anyone interested, don’t forget that there also negative feed backs from this company. Many have complained about the slow claim time, the length of time the adjuster makes for their reports and the likes. So if you don’t mind lengthy claims processes then talk to your local Auto Owners agent today.