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A good car insurance company should not only have a good name but as well as excellent services. So if you are looking for that kind of company then ACG will help you with that.

America Automobile Association was first established in March of 1902 in Chicago, Illinois. Their goal was to lobby for improved road infrastructure for better and safer transportation across the US. When the company was built, they only had nine individual motor clubs and had an initial 1,500 members. As the union expanded over the years, their first achievement was the publication of the US Road maps in 1905. By 1920 the School Safety Patrol Program was initiated and was then followed by the AAA foundation of traffic safety in 1947.

As of 2009, ACG has over 50 million members in the North America alone. They have been known to provide quality auto insurance covers as far as services and rates are concerned. They are open to any individuals who are interested in cheap car insurance rates and premiums. ACG is also known to lobby for motorists. They make sure that the motorists’ needs are always met and that they have implemented in good standards.

This car insurance company offers different services to its policy holders. Some of the best deals that policy holders can make use of are the travel guides, emergency vehicle assistance, road services and free US states road maps. Customers can also benefit from the discounts that they can get with any auto insurance cover.

So if you wish to apply for this car insurance company then make sure that you have read and understood what your policy is all about. This way you know what you are paying for.