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Car insurance companies often affiliate to other larger companies in order to reach out to other customers. One of these known companies to affiliate with a larger company is the Automobile Club Group of South California. They have affiliated with the American Automobile Association (AAA) federation of motor clubs. They are the Southern California affiliate of AAA.

Auto Club was founded on Dec. 13, 1900 in Los Angeles. They are the pioneering motor club that was built and dedicated to improve the roads, proposing traffic laws and as well as helping improve the overall driving conditions. In 1910, the Auto club sent teams of cartographers to survey the state’s roads for the creation and production of maps to create a uniform signing system. They also posted several traffic signs around California though they are now rare but still in existence. Then in 1920 their main office was built on the corner of Figueroa Street and Adams Boulevard in L.A. From 1934 through 1941 the building’s courtyard served as an annual “Outing Show” to promote motor vacations and camping.

Today, this car insurance company’s affiliated company provides coverage not only for cars but also for homes, recreational vehicles, watercraft and trucks. They are the largest affiliated of AAA and remains to be one of the top car insurance companies that provide free services to members that includes travel planning, emergency roadside service, DMV services and maps. And over the years they have continued to be one of the best car insurance groups serving Southern California and the rest of the twelve states that they are now providing with their services.