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cheap car insurance for young drivers



Average Car Insurance Prices For 18 Year Olds

cheap car insurance for young drivers 

Car insurance prices for 18 year olds are a bit expensive since teenagers have the highest rates of accidents in the country. This is due to the fact that they lack the experience when it comes to driving. Not to mention that most teenagers, especially males, are known to be aggressive drivers. So typically, their insurance rates are higher compared to females.  

Some people think that when a teenager drives a sports car, their car insurance rates will also be expensive. What they don’t know is that car insurance companies refer to the driver’s experience and not always to the kind of car they are driving. The average insurance for 18 year olds can be higher than it is for other seasoned and more experienced driver. Females who are 18 years old can also get a lower premium rate compared to their male counterparts. This is because young female drivers are more cautious compared to young teen males.  

The amount of car insurance rates for 18 year olds also depends on which state they are residing. Not all state have the same amount of insurance rates for 18 year olds so the location will also affect the rate of premiums they will be paying. Though the amounts they pay vary, there are a few things they can do to help lower the price of their premium rates. Last year, the average national cost of car insurance in the country was said to be $1,566 but of course, this amount varies among all kinds of drivers and their age group. 

18 year olds who are active in school and are receiving good grades can avail of discounts given by car insurance companies. They offer discounts to those students who are on the Dean’s list or those who maintain an average. As long as they remain active in school and perform well academically, they can benefit from these discounts. If the teenager is still living with their parents, this will also allow them to “piggyback” off their parent’s good driving history.  

Another way to save car insurance premiums is to choose the right car. Like all teenagers dreamed of, they all want those flashy sports cars or muscle cars but everyone knows that these kinds of cars will only contribute to expensive car insurance. If you really want to avail of a cheap car then choose a car that is considered “safe” by car insurance companies. 

If you are shopping for car insurance quotes then best to compare all prices. This way you know how much you will be paying and the expected amount that you will be getting. Just keep in mind that as a teenager, car insurance premiums will always be high for you. Knowing how much you will be spending for insurance will help prepare you in the future. Have fun shopping and always compare the rates before anything else.