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The Baltimore Life Insurance Company or also known as Baltimore Life is a mutual insurance holding company founded in Baltimore, Maryland. Since their establishment in 1882, they have engaged in providing their customers a wide variety of life insurance products and annuities across the United States. Through its Independent Sales Division, Baltimore Life offers products like Senior Life Insurance, Life Insurance Protection products for all ages and Income Continuation products. They are currently licensed to market their product in 49 states all over the US.  

Since their foundation, their company’s operating income grew from $6.6 million to $8.5 billion dollars. Baltimore Life now services more than 350,000 policy holds and controls total assets of more than $900 million dollars. They were also named in the 2010 Ward’s 50 list of top performing life-health insurers in the US for the second consecutive year. They are also recognized by the Ward Group for outstanding financial results when it comes to consistency, safety and performance for the last five years. So customers are sure of the services they are receiving from this insurance company. 

As hard working as they are, insurance companies will always have a series of complaints. Baltimore Life also has a number of customers who are not happy with their services. Though these complaints are not serious, they are always looking for ways to resolve the issues that are thrown at them. That is why they have loyal policy holders that have remained with them all this time.  

Getting insurance is important, it is always a big help in times of need. If you are planning to purchase a policy then make sure that you have read and studied the quotes you took from these insurance companies. By doing so, you will be able to avoid future mistakes.