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The Brethren Mutual Insurance Company was established by Brethren churchmen in 1897 who agreed to insure one another’s homes and farms against the chaos that fire and lightning brings. This company is owned by its policy holders rather than their stock holders. That is why they are a “mutually owned” company. They are a property and casualty insurance carrier that has proven to have a stable foundation. However, because of their name Brethren, they were often associated with the Church of the Brethren but they have clearly stated that they have no affiliation with that church. Though there founding fathers were Brethren churchmen, they had no connection with them by any means. 

Since their founding, they have grown from a small insurance organization that protected local farms, crops and personal belongings to a more broad insurance company that services the personal, business and farm insurance needs of their policy holders. They are currently located around Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. 

Brethren Mutual has a good overall feedback from their customers. Over the years they have proven to have a genuine concern for the satisfaction of their policy holders as well as their agents. With staff members of 145, these professionals work closely to meet their customers’ needs. This company is committed to provide value, reliable service, quality insurance protection and financial integrity. 

As far as complaints go, there were no major case known that customers complained about. If in case there were any, Brethren Mutual makes sure that these are corrected as soon as possible. If you want to know more about their policies then it is best to contact them and discuss your options.