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One of the oldest car insurance companies in the country is the California State Automobile Association (CSAA) was established as early as 1900. It all started as a small group of “automobilists” who constantly met at the Cliff House in San Francisco. Here they have discussed about getting better roads, street signs and new laws for car owners. Then in 1907, their group became official and was then affiliated with the American Automobiles Association. Recently, CSAA changed its name to AAA while the insurance company of AAA is called the California State Automobile Association Inter Insurance Bureau.

If you are looking for good car insurance rates then CSAA can help you. Compared to other auto insurance groups, they provide cheap auto insurance to their members. They also provide quotes that include discounts on various programs that they have like their multi-policy discounts and hybrid reduce rates. They are also one of the top five insurance groups in Northern California with over one million car insurance policy holders. This car insurance company has been providing insurance since 1914 so you can be sure that their services are guaranteed. However, as well established as they are, there are also negative remarks received from their customers. Since their expansion to other types of insurance, their efficiency may not be as effective as it was before. They have been getting complaints like increased premium rates, failure to pay full or even high percentage of damage claims, unresponsive agents, less personal services and inexperienced customer representatives that customer perceived as incompetent. With these feedbacks, many customers of their customers have switched to a new carrier.

So if ever you plan on purchasing your premiums with this company, make sure you have weighed all the cons and pros. This way it will be easy for you to choose. Do choose well.