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Car Insurance Myths

cheap car insurance for young drivers 

Are you planning to get car insurance? If you are then there are few things you need to learn about car insurance. Besides the fact that they provide financial aid to those car insurance holders, there are also myths that people believe to cause or be the reason why their car insurance rates are higher than others. In order to correct the matter, this article can help you explain what these so-called myths are.  

One of the most common myths or misconceptions of people is that if you own a red car, it also means your car insurance is higher than others. In this video you will learn about the different car insurance myths that people often had the wrong understanding. Owning a red car is one of them. This video will provide you with the information you need about the red car that many car owners are avoiding.  

According to many people, red cars often get speeding tickets, this is not all true. This video will explain to you that not all red cars are given or have the most number of speeding tickets. Car insurance companies don’t solely base the amount you have to pay on the color of your car. Keep in mind that there are a number of factors that car insurance companies base their rates on. So don’t just jump into conclusions about red cars.  

Another car insurance myth that is usually misunderstood is that parking tickets affect your rates. Of course, parking tickets does affect your rates but only if you don’t pay them. Keep in mind that these tickets go to your driving record. So if you don’t want to pay high insurance rates then it is best that you pay your parking tickets before they pile up and too expensive to pay. 

Last but not the least, a car insurance myth that is commonly misunderstood is when your friend crashes your car, their car insurance will pay for the damages. Truth is, it is your car insurance that will pay for the damages even if it was your friend who caused the accident. And even if you are not the one responsible for the accident, your car insurance will put a mark on your record regarding this accident.  

These are some of the common misunderstood car insurance myths. That is why if you are planning to get your car insured, make sure that you understood what these myths are all about. By knowing the real reason behind them will give you knowledge about what needs to be done. To understand more about these myths, watch this video.