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The Chubb Corporation was established in 1882 by Thomas Caldecot Chubb and his son Percy who opened this marine underwriting business in the seaport district of New York City. Having collected a sum of $1000 from each 100 prominent merchants to start their venture, they focused on insuring cargos and ships. Today they have more than 120 offices in 29 different countries worldwide. With 11,800 employees and 8,000 independent agents and brokers all over the world, Chubb is considered to be one of the most successful insurance companies in the country. Their mission is to provide excellent services to their customers throughout their life. 

Today, Chubb has more than $44 million dollars in terms of assets and is one of the leading global insurance organizations that receive high ratings for their financial strengths. They have been rated highly rated by A.M. Best, Standard and Poor’s as well as Moody’s rating agencies. This insurance company is also the leading provider of security and fire protection services to businesses and industry in the UK as well as Ireland. 

Chubb, like any other insurance companies, also have customer complaints. One of the complaints received from customers is that they are expensive than other cheap insurances companies. They are also considered to pay small amounts of claims and processing will take a while before they approve claims. Some customers also complained about their rude customer representatives and that there were number of occasions when no agents were able to meet their requests. Because of this, some of their customers, even the loyal ones, transferred to other insurance companies.


Looking for a good car insurance company is sometimes confusing but if you know what you are looking for and what you need then it will not be hard. There are many car insurance companies available in the country. Make sure that you choose the best ones.