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Co-operative General was founded by Prairie farmers in 1945. This company was built to take care of farmers like themselves and their communities where traditional insurers could not meet their needs. Their goal is to work with policy holders to keep them insured at all times. With this same outlook the co-operators gave birth to credit unions and firefighting services in the communities all across Canada. 

This insurance company offers a variety of products and services. They offer home insurances, auto insurance, farm, business insurance as well as travel insurance. However, if you want to purchase a car insurance policy with them, their policies and rates varies in every location and the kind of car you are driving. Usually, determining where you live will help you get the right kind of car insurance. Keep in mind that there parts of Canada where Co-operators do not sell car insurance policies so make sure that they are available in your area. 

Like other insurance companies, they also received several unhappy customers. One customer complained about their premium increased after one claim. Another customer also complained about slow processing of their claims and wrong adjustments made for her car. Though these complaints are small compared to others, many customers have cancelled their accounts because of the company’s slow resolution to these problems. 

Looking for a good insurance company is hard yes but there are a lot of these car insurance companies to choose from. If you really want the best for your car then it is best that you study your quotes well. Once you do, you will know that you have picked the right choice. Good luck!