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Car insurance companies are probably put up every year. It is not surprising that there are now many car insurance companies on the race of being on the top spot. One of these companies up for competition is the Commerce Insurance Company. They were first established in 1972 in Webster, Massachusetts. The company was built to give independent agents a way to serve their customer based on their specific car insurance needs. Over the years, Commerce has developed to be one of the largest providers in terms of personal car insurance. They provide cheap car insurance rates and great quotes and currently the number two car insurance in the state of Massachusetts.

If you compare this car insurance company with others, you will find that they have decent car insurance rates compared to other insurance companies. They are also known for their financial relief to their customers, professional customer services, thorough insurance investigations and agents whom you can trust. In addition to that, Commerce has developed their company to give high quality of services over the years.

Although this is a very well established company, they also receive various complaints. Some clients complained about the lack of communication between them and the customer service representative. Other complaints were from customers who claimed that this company is not financially competitive due to their recent increase in policy rates. This usually happens after an auto accident and customers can’t help but notice their suspicious increase of rates.

Given these complaints from customers, it is always best that you study your quotes before you decide on which car insurance company to have. If you want to have the best kind of services for your money, then be informed about these things.