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Cop Arrested For Car Insurance Fraud

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Police officers are made for one purpose; to keep the public safe and secured. They have sworn an oath to protect and serve the public but sometimes, out of greed, even cops can do bad things.  

Philadelphia, PA - In this video provided by Fox 29 News, you will see what corruption can to do even to that one person who serves the law. Here, Officer Gary Cottrell has been found guilty of a multimillion car insurance fraud scheme. According to the news, Cottrell has been serving the law enforcement since 1996 but has been arrested with his involvement in this scam. 

According to D.A. Seth Williams, police officer can easily gain people’s trust since they are part of the law. Because of this, it was easy for Cottrell to perform his scheme. “It just saddens us once again, you know, how anyone can use their badge, you know, for illegal acts,” a statement from Dep. Comm. Richard Ross of the Philadelphia Police Department about Cottrell’s arrest.  

News reports state that Cottrell was busted for his car insurance scheme which involves the University Collision Center in Grace Ferry. Along with Cottrell, the collision center was also charged. The D.A. said that Cottrell was a wreck chaser, “Whenever he would come upon an accident, he would then refer the driver of the vehicles to University Collision Center and he received as a result of his referral a kick back,” D.A. Seth Williams explained. This means that Cottrell receives an amount upon his referral to the collision center. 

In this video, you will learn what other tricks involved or being done to the car in order to get more damaged. In return, car owners pay more for the repair plus a kick back of at least $200 was also issued. 

Sometimes, you think it’s easier to save money if you go to someone who charges cheaply. However, not all those who charges cheaply can actually give you your money’s worth. What’s even worse is that, some of these police officers are involve in such fraud. So the next time you ran into a car accident, make sure that you notify your own car insurance company. This way you can be sure that you have all the coverage you need. Though it is a good thing to save money, you may end up paying more if you are not careful. Also, keep an eye for these “wreck chaser” kind of cops. You may just be dealing with someone who is involved in car insurance fraud. Next time a police officer refers you to a collision company, be on guard about this kind of trickery. So do drive safely and always be alert for these situations. For more information about this news, here’s the video.