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Choosing an auto insurance company is not easy. With all the facts to consider, the rates, quotes to compare and the company’s reputation makes one person confused. That is why the best thing for any individual who’s interested in purchasing a policy is to talk to insurance agents. This way they can be sure about what they are getting from these companies. One of the companies to consider is Country Auto Insurance

Country was first established in 1925 in Bloomington, Indiana. They were one of the many companies that offer car insurance those days. They were created by farmers and first offered their car insurance in 1927. Those days, insurance was not always offered in rural areas. That’s why a group of farmers decided that they will insure each other and provide coverage for each ones needs. The first insurance that they legally provided was crop insurance then auto and life insurance was later added.

This car insurance company has received many good feedbacks from their customers. Among these include the access to their agents 24/7 and the quotes and rates comparison to other companies. Other customers also mentioned that their services are prompt and claims are quickly paid. They are also known to have short paper works when it comes to claims and long time customers have expressed their satisfaction with this company’s services. However, there are also those who are unhappy with them. Some customers say that they do not offer the lowest rates among other insurance companies. They also complained that they increased their rates without any given notification. Though processing of claims is easy, the wait for payment of their claims is not. With this kind of service, customers are left unsatisfied.