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cheap car insurance for young drivers



The Discounts Students Can Get on Their Car Insurance Policy?

cheap car insurance for young drivers 

It is a fact that some of the common traffic accidents are caused by 16-19 year old drivers. That is why this age group are most likely to be paying an expensive car insurance premium. But of course, car insurance companies have a very good reason why they are charging them a higher rate than regular drivers. However, if you are a student and driving, there are also factors that can affect your car insurance rates. In fact, students with good driving records can avail of discounts from car insurance companies.

Before you shop for car insurance discounts, consider first type of car you are driving and your age (if you are a student). These are the two major factors that can influence your car insurance rates. But whether these factors play a large influence on your car insurance rates, it is better to choose a larger, older and low performance car. This is also for your safety and lower insurance rates. Though it may affect your status at school since old cars are considered to be “so not in” by students, its sure is the only way to have cheap car insurance. Here are some of the discounts that students can avail from car insurance companies: 

  • Good Student Insurance Discounts– this is good for those students who perform well in school. Car insurance companies believe that students who perform well in school are more responsible and statistically, they are less likely to be involved in traffic accidents. Students whose grades have an average of B, a 3.0 GPA, on the Dean’s list and belong to their top 20 class are good candidates for this discount.
  • Infrequent Driver Discount– this discount can help students save money. This discount applies only if the student only uses his/her car when home for winter break.
  • Driver Training Discount– students who are under 21 years old may be able to avail discounts of up to 20% on car insurance once they have completed the Advance Driver Training or defensive driving courses.
  • Low Mileage Student Driver Discounts– this is applicable for students who drives a short distance to school daily and/or uses the public transportation and other means to cut down on the number of miles.
  • Youthful Driver Discounts– drivers who are single, under 21 years old and lives with their parents can also make use of this discount.

There are many other discounts that students can avail. If you are looking for cheap car insurance then better shop for quotes and compare them. Also, if you are a student, talk to your parents and see if they can include you in their policy. This will be even cheaper since your parents have enough driving history and record. You can also talk to a car insurance agent about the type of discounts you can avail as a student. This way you know what to expect.