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Does The Color of Your Car Affect The Cost of Insurance?

cheap car insurance for young drivers 

You have probably heard the rumors about the red car. You probably heard that getting a red car can cost you thousands of dollars more and not to mention the story about getting more tickets if you are driving of these cars. However, these are all false accusations. There are no records pertaining to red cars being more expensive or that you are going to have more tickets when you drive them. But according to some surveys, statistics make it impossible to say what color of cars gets more ticket.

According to some experts, red cars and increase in tickets and numbers are not always related. Generally, driving the speed limit is always a good idea and it doesn’t matter what color of car you drive. If you drive a blue car and you do not follow the average speeding limit then surely you will be fined and ticketed. Same goes with a red car or other colored cars for the record.

Red cars may be issued more tickets than other cars, yes but this is because red cars are considered to be “fast cars”. Keep in mind that police officials do not issue tickets all because of their color. If the driver made a traffic violation then surely they will be ticketed for doing so. It doesn’t matter what color your car is. But of course, the safest way to deal with this while driving a red car is to follow rules and drive within the limits. This is also the best to avail of cheap car insurance coverage.

The color of your car may not totally reflect the amount of tickets you get or traffic laws broken. However, it does affect the kind of person you are. Psychological experts believe that people driving red cars are reckless in nature but red can also represent fearlessness. They also describe bold characters and people who love risks. To most insurance companies, reckless drivers and drivers who are risk takers also means higher chances of getting into accidents. As a result, drivers who are considered as one may have to pay a more expensive insurance coverage. That is why the red car may be more vulnerable to the police. Come to think about it, logically speaking, it can also be true, right?

To answer the question if the color of your car affect your insurance rates, the answer would be no. It doesn’t matter what color of car you drive but if you are a careful driver then no doubt you will not be charged with so much premiums. Always follow safety traffic rules. Be attentive when you are driving on the road. But if you want to be sure about these things then talk to your car insurance agent. Talking to an expert will help you understand more about your car and insurance.