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Erie Auto Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers

It’s always a good idea to have someone to back you up in times of needs. Besides your personal savings account, people invest in car insurances. This is one way of knowing that there is someone you can count on in case of emergencies and accidents. With accidents occurring at any given time, it is a wise choice to have your car.

The Erie Insurance Company was founded in 1925 but H.O. Hirt and O.G. Crawford in Pennsylvania. Three years after the company opened, they had already expanded in different cities along with their operating offices. While their company was rapidly increasing in terms of geographical territory, it was the company’s insurance policy options that allowed customers to remain with them. Today, the Erie Insurance Company is not only limited to car insurances but they also offer protection in cases of fire, home insurance policies as well as inland marine.


erie auto insuranceSince it has started, Erie continues to perform well for its policy holders and is proud to be named by the J.D. Power and Associates as 2011 Customer Service Champion. This company alone has taken this award out of 40 companies in the US. They are also ranks as one of the 500 largest US companies in terms of revenue as stated in Fortune magazine in 2011. They are also the 23rd largest property/casualty insurance group based on policy holder surplus and the 20th property/casualty insurer in the US based on total lines net of premiums written. Erie Insurance has also ranked as the 12th largest auto insurer in the country based on direct premiums written while they are the 3rd largest insurer in Pennsylvania.  

J.D. Power has rated Erie Insurance Company 5 out of 5 in overall purchase experience, price, policy options and local agent performance. If you want to make sure that they are who they say they are, check out their website. Their site is overflowing with positive testimonies and praises from satisfied customers.

With these facts, it has been proven that customers are patronizing this car insurance company. With their consistent reports of high levels of overall satisfaction when it comes to their auto insurance policies, customers just keep coming back for more. If any accident occurs, you can easily refer your car to your car insurance policy card. Also, comparing their prices with other companies, Erie’s rates are always among the top insurers when it comes for a cheap quote. It is also a fact that customer representatives from Erie are empathetic and sensitive to meet their customer’s needs and concerns. That is why this company has continued to be the best among its policy holders.


Like a superhero’s life, there will always be a villain or a weakness that makes them. Same goes with car insurance companies, no matter how much they do their best to serve their customers, there are still unsatisfied people with their services. Erie is not exempted to this option. They also have a fair share of unhappy customers.

Among the many complaints I have read about Erie is that, being unable to communicate well with their customers. One customer in particular complained that Erie cancelled her policy all because she changed her address. She was not even informed about it until a week and a half later. When she did inquire about why they cancelled her policy, this is because the company has no answer was clearly given. Another customer also complained about the dropped policy that Erie did on his account; all because he had a minor fender bender that happened while his car was parked. This car insurance company didn’t even discuss the other options he can take and just dropped him like a hot potato even if he was insured with them for the last 7 years.

Although there are minor complaints about this car insurance company, they have continued to perform well. Currently, Erie has covered 11 states and is making ways to other states.

For your information, here are the 11 states covered by this company:

  • Indiana 
  • Illinois 
  • Pennsylvania 
  • Maryland 
  • New York 
  • District of Columbia 
  • Tennessee 
  • North Carolina 
  • Virginia 
  • Ohio 
  • Wisconsin 
  • West Virginia 

If you are looking for cheap car insurance policies then get a quote from Erie. You can compare their quotes with other insurance companies and see if they have a reasonable price that will fit your budget.


Getting car insurance is one of your responsibilities as car owner. And as you do, make sure that the car insurance company you chose is worth paying for. After all, you will be the benefactor of this insurance, so be a wise buyer and enjoy shopping for your quotes.



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