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In 1999, a new car insurance company has launched its business. This company was named Esurance and immediately gained its popularity, thanks to the “Erin Esurance” advertising campaign. Like their name, all transactions and interactions between you and the company can be done quickly online. They even have phone applications that customers can use. This car insurance company has branched out from cheap car insurance within the past few years and is now offering RV, motorcycle and boat insurances. They also provide non-vehicle insurance such as homeowners or renter’s insurance as well as allowing you to choose one insurance provider.

There are many advantages in purchasing a policy from this company. This is because they can give you quotes with no charges. Unlike other companies who charge customers upon inquiry, Esurance gives their customers fast and free quotes. They also have an easy to use website that will cater to all of their client’s needs. Their customer representative will give you the support available in case you have other inquiries that their website cannot give. They also give coverage on all levels depending on your needs. If you own an iPhone, they also have a ready application for you to use. They have lower rates compared to other car insurance companies and they cover 30 states. These are all given to meet the needs of their client and for those who are interested to apply for a policy.

Though Esurance works hard to meet all their customers’ needs, there are a few downsides that customers do not like in this company. Customers have complained about the lack of local branches and individual agents as well as the potentially misleading quotes that they give. Though the quotes are free, they can be a bit confusing to those new customers. Another is that they occasionally increase their rate which is something that customers do not like. Also, customers who want to cancel their account are asked to pay a $50 fee to cancel.