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Since 1992, Explorer Auto Insurance has been providing car insurance through a network of independent insurance agencies that offers insurances in Florida and California. They are associated with the ICW group and since their establishment has grown into one of the most successful car insurance companies in the country. 

This car insurance company is focused on the auto insurance niche for customers who are looking for a company with experience and affordable rates. They offer two types of auto insurance coverage and they are personal coverage and commercial auto insurance. However, commercial business insurance is not available to Florida at this time. Personal auto insurance policies that Explorer writes cover the basics and standard car insurance policies. They also include uninsured motorist coverage in their auto insurance policies. These policies are designed for vans, pickups and private cars of their customers. 

Explorer’s car insurance plans offer the same coverage but with an impressive $1 million dollars liability limit. All types of car insurance coverage are open to high risk drivers with imperfect driving records. Though the policies are not customizable it would be best if you talk to an Explorer customer representative or contact them through their local office. 

Over all, Explorer is a good car insurance company with little complaints. Often times these complaints are minor compared to other car insurance companies. If you wish to avail a car insurance policy from their company, it is recommended that you contact them the soonest or you can shop for other quotes. After all, you will be the one to decide what’s best for you and your car.