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Farmers Auto Insurance Reviewscheap car insurance for young drivers

Choosing the right car insurance for your car is a must. It requires a car owner to study polices well and understand what is written in their plans. This way when conflict arises, the car owner will not be kept in the dark. This is a good way to arm yourself and defend your right as a car plan holder.

Farmers Insurance Company was established in 1927 in California by two entrepreneurs named John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavey. They began when they were looking to offer loans to people in and around California. After a few meetings they have come to a conclusion that they need to offer farmers and ranchers more affordable insurance than their suburban counterparts and therefore created the name Farmers Insurance. Since they have started this business in 1927, a lot of things have changed and growth in this company was escalading over time. Today they are known to be as the third largest insurance provider in the United States, helping drivers and car owners in all 50 states. They also provide insurance to home owners, financial assistance, businesses, recreational, life and of course, the largest market in this industry, car insurance.


farmers auto insuranceFarmers auto insurance has been rated to be the top mainly because of their performance when it comes to customer care. They are also able to provide their customers with several types of coverage at affordable rates. This proves that Farmers work hard to keep their customers satisfied as they deliver the easiest and worry-free processes as much as possible.

As mentioned, this car insurance company offers wide range of services at great prices.

Their car coverage can include or exclude the following:

  • Collision 
  • Collectors insurance 
  • Liability 

Collectors insurance is the best option to take for any car owner who owns old school models and types of vehicles. Consumer reports have stated that Farmers holds the best collector car insurance out of other companies.

In addition to this option, they also offer:

  • Good student discounts 
  • Multiply car coverage 
  • Multiple car coverage 

Another good option with this car insurance company is that they can provide the best price for their customers. They can even mix and match with any of the services they offer so that customers can protect everything that they value. They also cater to non- English speaking clients and for the hearing impaired customers who happen to have an insurance plan with them with the help of their customer representatives.


Although this car insurance works hard to the best interest of their customers, they have not always been the best when it comes to their customer services. About a decade ago, they were ranked and named as the worst when it comes to claims and payment.

Other complaints I have read about this company is that, they charge with every new statement. This has been done to a customer even though he was not changing anything in his policy. As a result, this customer switched to a new company.

Another complaint I have read is about a customer being ripped off by this company. He recommends people to “stay away from this company” since they are charging high premiums and denying claims altogether. One customer also complained that she was denied of her medical insurance coverage for an accident that wasn’t her fault.

Though Farmers Insurance has received quite a few hateful complaints, they have continued to work harder in order to resolve these issues. They turned their departments and five years ago was ranked as the most improved out of all other insurance companies. Unfortunately, this improvement was not carried over to the new agents. And these agents/subsidiaries were given the reputation of lingering when it comes to pay outs after accidents. However, customers who have stayed with the company have great benefits and excellent customer services. New customers may receive a high premium but these have decreased after 5 years or so. Also one of the options that have proved to be useful is the Good Student discounts.

Overall, Farmers Insurance is an excellent company for total coverage. Despite the complaints and bad reviews they had received, they work their way up to maintain the company’s integrity. Though they are thrown with numerous issues, it is a known fact that this company started simple but has now grown into one of the best insurance companies in the country. This is something that they issues cannot take away.


To get the best car insurance deals, make sure that you have read everything. Comparing and asking for quotes will also help get what you need. Be informed about these things, this way when you finally make the choice of purchasing a car insurance, you are smart enough to pick only the best.




Contact them at : 1-800-827-6477, 1-877-732- 5266 (en Español) and 1-888-891-1660 (for the hearing impaired)