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Frankenmuth’s roots goes way back to 1868 in the Frankenmuther Unterstützungs Verein that was founded by a group of Bavarian pioneer settlers. This company was a mutual insurance society with 200 charter members who listed their buildings and other goods that they wanted to insure. Back then, whenever one of their members incurred some loss by fire or accidents, all members are called to contribute towards the coverage of the loss. This contribution was the same proportion to the member’s lost items. After this association was established, requirements for membership of Frankenmuth were eased so that other members can join from the nearby communities in Frankenlust, Frankentrost, Frankenhilf and Amelith. However, each members were required to be husbands and wives who are German speaking and be Lutherans in good standing. This was the standard of their membership. 

Today, Frankenmuth has more than 700 employees and is represented by more than 500 Independent Insurance Agencies. They are available in 16 states with a financial asset of $1 billion dollars. They are rated with an A rating by A.M. Best and A+ by the Best Insurance Reports. With over 140 years of services in the insurance business, customers can surely rely on their services. They offer car insurance, home, sport and boat vehicle insurances, collectible cars, personal umbrella and a whole lot more. So if you are interested in purchasing a premium from this company, make sure that you are able to talk to their agents. 

While this company seems to have a very good start and that they have established a good insurance company, they are also unable to avoid negative feedbacks. There are also complaints received by this company. One customer complained that customers are not able to get their claims right away. Another customer also complained about their adjusters who can’t seem to do their job properly. But if you want to choose this car insurance company, just be sure that you have all the information you need or better yet, shop for other quotes for your options.