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GMAC Auto Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers

Among the many priorities that car owners have, the top spot belongs to car insurance. Car insurance is the first thing any car owner must have. This is the safety net any driver can fall into in case accidents happen.

GMAC Auto Insurance is one of the many car insurances established decades ago. Founded in 1939, GMAC is formerly known as Motors Insurance Corporation. GMAC Insurance Group is now a property and casualty insurance providers in the United States along with its subsidiary company, Ally Financial.

All throughout the years, this car insurance company has become popular because of its auto industry background. Not only that, they also have the knowledge of the needs of car owners all over the country. And because of this, they have decided to sell its other insurance divisions so that they can focus more on providing their customers car insurance services.


gmac auto insuranceIf you choose GMAC, know that they have a few advantages from its competitors. One of these is their SmartServices. This is what sets them apart from other car insurance companies. That is why, its no surprise that many customers are attracted to their car insurance plans all because of the convenience that their services provides.

If you choose GMAC, their SmartServices can provide you the following:

  • SmartValet – a service that customers can use in case their car is damaged. They will pick up the damaged car and also provide customers with a rental car after the plan holder makes a claim. Once the car is completely repaired, they will deliver the car to the owner and take back the rental car. 
  • SmartAssist – this is an optional towing membership that is available to customers and plan holders all throughout the country. 
  • SmartReplacement- this service replaces your car in case of a total wreck or loss. Also, the company itself will help you find a new vehicle of your choice. 
  • SmartInspect – this service aims to help the plan holder’s car to be in top shape after undergoing repairs. 
  • Besides the SmartServices, GMAC also includes other services that customers will enjoy as part of their insurance policy such as: 
  • One day claims reporting 
  • Emergency expense allowance 

GMAC makes sure that their customers are satisfied with their car insurance policy as well as providing them with flexible payment options. This way, car owners won’t have a hard time budgeting their car insurance expenses.

All car insurance companies have their flaws and surely, GMAC is not free of them. Because of this, many customers have filed and submitted complaints about them.


Though GMAC offers many services, there are still a few things that they seem to avoid. As a result, customers are unsatisfied with how they work. Even if this company is considered to be one of the most reliable car insurance providers, they still have some imperfections along the way. One of the many complaints received from clients is their slow claims processing. Although it is true that their customers can get $250 if they are not satisfied with their services, processing claims is a matter that needs to be taken more seriously. Other than that, this company has received an A-minus status from the ratings agency called AM Best and since then downgraded to triple B in 2009. Because of this, many insurance holders have been thinking twice about getting the GMAC auto insurance.

Besides these, there are also other complaints from customers saying that they have received numerous calls from this company even though they are not insured with them. They claim to be looking for someone else and that they are looking for “someone else”. Other than that, customers also complained about the rude customer representative that this company has. A customer complained that their representatives have a demanding attitude and made her feel like she “can’t do anything about it because that’s what the company’s rule said”.  There are many other complaints about this car insurance company. Customers can go on and on but despite all that, this company stands firm on their ground. They have worked hard and will continue to work harder especially to those who had remained loyal to their company. 

If you are interested to get GMAC as your car insurance provider then it is best that you compare them with other quotes. Just keep in mind that your car insurance rate will vary depending on your driving history and credit rating. But if you do decide to take this policy or transfer to their company, you will be given a discount of $382 per year.


Any product you purchase, may it be car insurance or other items, should always be compared. This way you know what you are getting and the coverage that you will be expecting.



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