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Global Electric Motorcars, LLC Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers


Looking for a good car that can give you benefits? Then your search is over, purchase a car from Global Electric Motorcars, LLC. They are electric powered cars at an affordable price.  

Global Electric Motorcars or GEM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries. It is an American car manufacturer in the low-speed vehicle category that produces electric vehicles. They first started in 1998 as Chrysler Group Global Electric Motorcars LLC and have sold more than 45,000 GEM cars which are all battery-electric cars worldwide. 

These cars can be bought at some Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers or at locations where GEM cars are available. Their prices may vary depending on the model but for the two-seater GEM e2 prices can be estimated at $7,395. This car includes a 72-volt battery system, driver motor and a custom controller. These batteries can be charged with a built-in charger designed to be compatible with a 110-volt outlet. They are also available in different colors so you can pick to your own liking. 

So why should you buy a car from GEM? Since the cost for fuel is getting higher these days, buying a car where you can charge with electricity is a good idea. Global Electric Motorcars is the solution to today’s highly priced fuels. Besides that, these cars are low-speed and can travel only with a speed limit of 25mph and can travel up to 30 miles in one charging. Other than that you can also choose a hybrid car which is also a type of electric motor car that gets its power from hybrid electric battery. The best part of this car is that they are economical and pollution-free. Now this is a good deal to have. 

Like all cars, this also needs to be insured. However, since they are special cars, you need a car insurance company that specializes with this type of cars. Some car insurance will not insure electric cars as there are certain criteria that they should meet. However, there are car insurance companies that are willing enough to insure these types of cars but they only insure specific types of GEM cars. Since these cars don’t cost much and they are safe to drive then you can expect a lower premium rate as compared to the regular cars. So if you want to insure your GEM car do some research first and see which insurance companies are willing to insure this type of car. 

There are certain factors that can affect the car insurance for electric cars. Since this is a special cars, there are certain parts of this car that are expensive. Most of the materials used in these cars are expensive that is why when it comes to repairs, electric cars may cost a lot. However, because they are powered by electricity and can’t travel far, your premiums may be reduced. According to statistics, there are also discounts intended for these types of cars once you purchase insurance but each discount may vary from state to state. Additional safety features like seat belts can also help reduce your car insurance so make sure that you have them on your electric car. Adding these features will save you more money from you premiums.