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The best car insurance company does not always come from the newest or oldest car insurance company. An insurance company who knows how to meet their customers’ needs by giving them the best services is something the people are looking for. If you are one of these people then consider looking at Grain Dealers Mutual.

Grain Dealers Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1902 in Indianapolis, Indiana. They incorporated under the laws of Indiana as the “Grain Dealers National Mutual Fire Insurance Company”. This business was originally built to write fire and allied lines insurance for agribusiness. They specifically insure commercial grain elevators. It was in 1951 that the charter powers were widened to permit multiple underwriting. Since then they have included casualty insurances and their name Grain Dealers Mutual Insurance Company was adopted by the owners. Today this company offers a full line of property and casualty coverage and services. This includes Commercial Lines and Personal Lines. Grain Dealers operates and underwrites all class of business through independent agents. They have 450 agencies to represent them and serve their customers. They offer home insurance, auto insurance and many more.  

Like other insurance companies, this company also has their share of complaints. One of the complaints that their customers often reported is that they are not able to cover all losses in case you have an accident. There are also customers who complained about the lengthy processing of claims. These are some of the common complaints they received, they make sure that these issues are resolved right away. Though some of their customers have switched to other insurance companies, they continue to work hard to improve their company.