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Grange Insurance Company was founded back in January of 1935 in Ohio. Their company is known for offering car insurances for generations and is currently serving 13 states. Since they had first insured their first policy, this company has grown and expanded into $1 billion worth of insurance and financial services.

One of the many benefits you can have from this company is that they have independent agents who can help customers get the best coverage for their car. Compared to other car insurance companies, Grange offers competitive prices and cheap policies. They also offer discounts to drivers with good driving records and car owners whose cars are considered to be safe to drive.

Customers have reported to be satisfied with this car insurance company’s products and services. Some of the best services they offer are medical payments, personal injury protection, liability and comprehensive coverage. A poll taken in 2008 showed that 96% of their customers that had filed a claim would recommend this company to others. Besides the car insurances, they also offer boat, RV and motorcycle coverages. They also offer homeowners, renters, condos and personal liability umbrella to their policy holders and interested individuals. Recently, this company was graded A+ with the Better Business Bureau and many customers.

Though they have many satisfied customers, they also have negative feedbacks from other customers. Some of them complained about the cheap rates to begin with but only to discover that later on their policy rates shoot up without cause upon renewal. Others complained about the high premium hikes that were incurred after an accident and that their customer services department needs to be improved.