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The year was 1948 when Denver F. Gray founded the Gray & Company, Inc in Louisiana. He was the man who recognized that the insurance market needed an insurance program that could help offshore oil and gas industries with its overlapping combination of state and Federal jurisdictions and complex contractual arrangements. With this situation at hand, Grad responded and developed a casualty package that combines coverage for General Liability, Automotive Liability and Workers compensation under one program. For many years, Gray operated as the underwriting manager for various unaffiliated insurance companies. It was in 1977 that the company was incorporated under the laws of Louisiana. In the same year, they were also granted their certification of authority from the Louisiana State Department of Insurance.

Gray Insurance’s financial rating has been rated with an A- by A.M. Best which is an excellent rating however, with their current financial obligation; A.M. Best’s analysts believe that they cannot sustain their current level of business without help from other companies. They were given a B+ by Better Business Bureau as well. This insurance company offers insurance for Energy, Oil and Gas, Land, Marine and USL&H, Heavy Construction as well as Medium to Large Casualty Risks.  

As for complaints, Gray has received one complaint for the last three years of their operation and this was already resolved by the company. So if you own a company and you wish it insured then consider Gray Insurance but be sure to have other options to choose from.