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Grinnell Mutual was founded in 1909 as “Iowa Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Association” by a man named John Evans. This company was built to provide reinsurance for county mutuals in Iowa. However, in 1933, the company moved to Grinnell, Iowa so the company decided to change its name to Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Association. By 1948, they changed it again to “Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Company” but the name “Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company” was adopted in 1963. Today, this company is a mutual reinsurance that operates in 12 midwestern states and is reinsuring 295 mutual insurance companies. They have been given an A rating by A.M. Best and was given an IX rating by Best Ratings for their financial strength. This means that interested customers can rely on their finances.

This insurance company offers a wide variety of products like Auto and RV Insurance with the help of Farm Mutuals and independent agents in the Midwest. They also offer Homeowners, Renters and Personal Liability Umbrella policies. If you are interested in getting a policy from this company, make sure that you have understood their rules and regulations.  

Grinnell also has their share of complaints. Like any insurance company, getting complaints from customers is not new to this company. One of the customers complained that their charges fluctuate for no valid reason. They complained that their premiums increase without even giving their customers some explanation. Another complaint mentioned is that their claims are not easy to get. But despite all the negative stories about this company, Grinnell sticks to its commitment of serving their customers to the best of their abilities.  

Getting can insurance is every car owner’s duty. That is why you need to be sure of the choices you make when it comes to that. Get as much quotes as you can from different companies and compare them. This way you can see what is the best option for you. Good luck!