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19th Century was the year when insurance companies were establishing and making a big hit. One of these companies belongs to the Hanover Group Incorporated. They have established their business in the New York where there was rampant fire cases. With this problem in hand, the group dedicated their business to insure businesses and homes from the ravages of fire. However, the company itself had survived a few devastating fires themselves. But in 1916, auto insurance was a booming business and it was a big money maker for other insurance companies. It was then the Hanover took the initiative to take advantage of the trend.  Over the years, Hanover has stood by its commitment to provide quality services to their customers. Today, they are one of the oldest and the country’s trusted car insurance companies.  

One of the many great things about this company is that they have a long history of insurance business and they have remained to be financially stable. Though they have stood many trials like fires and the stock market crash back in 1929 as well as the Great Depression, this company stood solid on its feet. They have continues to deliver great services and products that their customers need. They offer customers the chance to work with their agents as they assist them in picking the right auto insurance they need. With this system, many customers are satisfied with the results that they give. However, as much as they work hard to meet their customers’ needs, there are a few negative feed backs about this car insurance company. Hanover is not like any other car insurance companies that provide service for their customers. So you may expect that your insurance policy may be a bit higher to cover the cost of the third party provider. Also their website does not give quotes on car insurance so there’s no telling how to compare them with other policies.