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The year was 1917 when Alvin Aldefer founded the Harleysville Car Insurance in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. This was his way to protect his local community from car theft which was rampant those days. It was when many Ford sedans where stolen that he decided to brought together many of Harleysville’s top citizens. Together they formed this car insurance company which was first an association that would help pay the members for the replacement or recovery of any stolen cars. When the company began, they had only 120 members but as the decades went by, they have slowly increased in growth and members.

Today, Harleysville Insurance operates in over 30 states by 1,300 agencies with over 1,700 employees. Their assets is said to be $4 billion dollars and net premiums of at least $1 billion dollars yearly. Harleysville was ranked one of the top 70 insurance companies by A.M. Best. In addition to that, this company does not only offer car insurance but they also offer policies for home, boat, life, umbrella and flood insurance. They also offer business and workers compensation insurance for companies. 

Customer complaints are a common issue that is also associated with car insurance companies. Even the best companies have their stories to tell about customer complaints. Harleysville is also one of those who have these kinds of complaints. Though these complaints are non-threatening, this car insurance company makes sure that they are corrected. If you plan on getting a policy with this company then make sure that you have studied their quotes well. Be smart enough to compare them with other companies. This way you know what your other options are.