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Haulers Insurance Company was founded in 1986 in Columbia, Tennessee. They were a property and casualty insurance company. In the beginning they offered only car and home insurance but as the need for insurance grow, their company also expanded. Now Haulers offer many a wide variety of commercial and personal car insurance. The company’s goal is based on their motto that says “Service Second to None” which means that they aim to provide high standard of customer services to their policy holders. Their work is based on trust and they focus on helping their customers on a daily basis for any type of unexpected loss.

Currently, this car insurance company serves more than 500 independent agencies throughout different parts of the US. They have agencies in Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and still expanding. AM Best Company has rated them with an A rating while the Better Business Bureau gave this company an A+ rating. This only means that customers are getting the best experience when it comes to their car insurance policies from Haulers Insurance. This car insurance company is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, which is why you are guaranteed great services and products.

So far, there are no serious complaints about this company. Some minor complaints include slow claims processes and at times lack of information but as far as this company goes, many customers are satisfied with their performance as a whole. But if you are in doubt about their services, it is best that you talk to their customer representative. This way it will be easy for you to understand how their company works. For other options when it comes to your car insurance, it is best that you shop for quotes and compare.