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Hoccheim Prairie was established in the late 1892 by Valentine Hoch. The company was founded to protect its members from significant or catastrophic financial loss due to fire and weather. They also provide quality insurance protection at competitive prices while maintaining financial strength to their members when they need it most. After more than a century later, these are the same goals that guided Hoccheim Insurance.

This insurance company offers a wide variety of affordable insurance protection for you and your family. They offer home insurance, auto insurance, farm building and farm equipment insurance and small business insurance. Among these products, interested customers and policy holders can avail of their discounts like their home insurance discounts and auto insurance discounts. If you are planning to get car insurance with them, they offer various auto insurance discounts that will suit your needs like Companion Home and Auto Discount, Airbag Discount, Multiple Car Discount, Defensive Driving Credit and Driver Training Discount and many others.  

Complaints are always associated with an insurance company. Hoccheim has also their share of these complaints yet they continue to do what they know best and that is to provide the best customer services and products. If you are interested in purchasing a policy from them, it is best that you talk to an agent or customer representative near your area. Hoccheim serves their product within and available only in Texas so make sure that you also live in this state. For other options, shop for other insurance quotes, this way you have another option to take.