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How Car Insurance Claims Work?

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There have been complaints from customers about car insurance claims and why it takes so long to process. If you don’t have the right information about car insurance then sure, it will be time consuming when you are processing a claim. But if you are educated on how they work then you will understand how these processes go. Although people pay premiums, many of them don’t know what happens if they need to use it. But what a policy holder must understand is that there are three parts of processing car insurance claims. If you want to know all about it then read further.

There are three parts when processing an insurance claims. They are the submission of claim, investigation and the payment. Most of the time, these claims are processed and paid in 30 days. The first part of the process is the submission. This means that you will have to submit to your insurance company a claims report. A claims report includes all the details of an accident, your contact information, your driver’s license, the contact information of the other party involved, the description and license plates of each car involved in the accident and other miscellaneous reports like police report. Once this information are complete, a clerical person will set up a claim. He or she will then assign a claim number and a claims adjuster to investigate everything. Usually, the complete submission of a claim can take less than 24 hours but that will also depend on your car insurance company and how their processing time works.

Investigation is the second part of processing a claim. After a claims adjuster gets the initial report of a claim, he will verify all the details and will be the one to determine whose fault was it. The investigation usually include the review of photos taken by the car owner, vehicle impact, review of police reports as well as reviewing of the statements from each driver. All of this information will be used by the adjuster to determine if there were vehicle laws broken and who caused the said accident. This process usually takes a few days and even a few years depending on how bad the accident was.

Lastly, the end part of processing a claim is payment. Once the adjuster completed his/her investigation and has determined who is at fault, payments will be in order. Car payments will be based on the estimates of a professional car shop or an auto appraiser. Usually, payments are given in checks and normally two-party. This means they will include the name of the owner of the vehicle and the repair shop where the repairs are being made. If there is a bodily injury involved, the issuance of payment is also the end of the claim’s process. After this is done, there will be no necessary follow-ups.

To understand how claims work even better, it is best that you have a talk with your car insurance agent. Only they can give you the answers you will need to understand more how the process go.