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How Much Car Insurance Should I Have?

cheap car insurance for young drivers 

These days, accidents can happen to anyone at any given time. Even the most careful drivers find themselves in the most awful situation when accidents strike. This is why car insurance is required by the law to every car owner. In times of trouble, there is someone who can help drivers financially. But how much car insurance should a person get? Are you certain that the car insurance coverage you have can help you with everything? If you are looking for car insurance policy, make sure that you include these as your coverage:

  • Personal injury protection– drivers should always carry a personal injury protection in their policy. This will help them with their medical payments in case they suffer injuries in the event of the accident. PIP will also help cover for the passengers that you have in case accidents happen. However, this may vary on the policy. Some personal injury protection has limits as to who will be paid during the accident. Drivers don’t have to worry about PIP since they are inexpensive to add. Keep in mind to include this in your policy since they will play an important role someday.
  • Compulsory insurance coverage– this type of coverage is also known as liability coverage and it helps cover the cost of medical treatment to passengers in another car if you are involved in an accident and is limited to property damage caused by your car. The amount you pay varies in every state. However, there is a minimum amount of coverage enough to allow you to drive but may not totally cover your expenses and liabilities. Most of the time compulsory insurance does not provide enough coverage.
  • Collision, fire and theft coverage– this is also known as comprehensive insurance. This type of insurance helps cover the repairs and replacement of your car if it is damaged during the accident, in cases of fire or theft. Comprehensive car insurance also covers non-collision related damages like branch of a tree falling on your car, hail damages and the likes. If in case you are paying your car off a car loan then you will be recommended to have comprehensive car insurance coverage until you are able to pay the car completely.
  • Miscellaneous coverage– some insurance companies also offer additional protections that may be useful to you in the future. Usually, they add these coverage options to your comprehensive insurance coverage. However, you must be able to do a full comparison of quotes when you are evaluating car insurance policies. They may include glass coverage to replace broken or damaged windshields, transportation coverage while your car is being repaired, car rentals and reimbursement for lost wages due to accidents.

Be sure to include these items on your insurance policy coverage. This way you got all areas covered. In case you need other types of coverage then it is recommended to talk to your car insurance agent for more details.