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How Much Personal Injury Protection do I Need?

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After sustaining injuries from a car accident, the very first thing you do is to head to the emergency room to receive the medical attention you need. For those people who don’t have a good grasp on insurance claims and how they work will immediately pay for their medical bills. But what they don’t know is that their car insurance can definitely help them in case of emergencies. Once you have received the medical attention you need, make sure that you notify your car insurance company too. This is the best time to open up a PIP claim or Personal Injury Protection claim.  

Personal Injury protection is a type of injury claim which is a “no-fault” type of injury protection. This type of car insurance coverage only exists in certain states. No fault or court cases are usually required unlike most injury claims. If an accident happens and you are injured in the process, you are automatically paid if there certain circumstances present. These include a car accident/motorcycle and the coverage insurance. However, you must also have the right documents needed to support your PIP claims. This means you have to keep all the medical records, accident report and bills that you have after having the accident. Keep in mind that PIP only applies to injury claims brought about by car accidents only and cannot be used in other claims. 

One of the best benefits you can have with a PIP is that it will help cover medical bills, car damages and other bills related to the injury. But as mentioned, this type of protection is limited only to a few states. And once you leave that state, it will not cover you if you run into an accident. Most of the time getting this kind of car insurance can be a good thing. It is much cheaper compared to a regular car insurance policy. PIP is also good for getting compensation and is more secure than any types of compensation. Personal injury protection cases usually require good medical documents in order to know how much money is needed. So in case you are living in a state where PIP is an option, make sure that you include that in your car insurance policy too.  

Now the question is how much PIP should you need? It will also depend on what you feel you must include as part of your coverage. If this is still unfamiliar to you and you don’t know your limits then it is best to talk to a car insurance agent. By talking to them will help clear things for you and you will have a better understanding about the scope and limitation of PIP. After all, you will be paying for this insurance too. So talking to someone who knows how these insurance works will help you and give you all the options you need.