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When IDs first started, they were only selling life insurance products. In 1958, Ameriprise Financial bought the existing IDS Life insurance and expanded its growth. By 1986, this company was bought by Wisconsin Employers Casualty Company and then later one became IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company. For a time being, this company was associated with American Express. Though the company is considered to be a casualty insurance company, they also offer insurance for auto liability as well as physical damage and other accidents. It is also a known fact that this company helps customers save at least $500 dollars every year.

IDS insurance has the backing of Ameriprise. Over the years, they have been rated A or excellent by A.M. Best. This means that this company offers high quality benefits, personalized service and competitive prices compared to other insurance companies. With their car insurance coverage, they also offer motorcycle, homeowners, umbrella, life, RV, long-term and disability income insurance. For their customer’s convenience, they also have a website that allows you to search for an advisor you can work with. You can either call their customer services or go online for any inquiries and help that you need.

There are little known complaints about this car insurance company. Some customers have complained about the slow processing of claims. Others have complained about the small amount of claims that was given to them. In addition to these complaints, some have experienced an increased in their rates after an accident. But despite all these negative feedbacks, IDS continues to work hard to improve these areas.

If you are planning to get a car insurance policy, it is best that you research for the best. Be informed about car insurance policy and be smart when choosing the car insurance company that you want to purchase your quotes.