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Industrial Alliance is a Canadian insurance company that is result of two companies. Alliance Nationale was the founding part of this company was established by Sir Homidas Laporte when a meeting in Montreal’s Sait Joseph’s Church where the contributions of 74 people formed the first mutual aid society. In 1948 it became the first mutual life insurance company in Canada. The other part of this company was founded by Mr. Bernard Leonard in 1905 whose family controlled the company from Quebec City until 1950. The company was taken over by Crédit Interprovincial Ltd, four years after it mutualized, it was in 1973 when the 2 general insurance companies formed Industrial Alliance’s auto and home insurance division. 1982 was the last major move that the company made when it acquired Vancouver based West Life Assurance Company of Canada, which later became its Industrial Alliance Pacific subsidiary.

This insurance company offers a wide variety of insurance policies. They offer life and health insurance, savings and retirement insurance, investment vehicles insurance, auto and home insurance and many others. This shows that their customers have all the options to fit their insurance needs. Being insured with Industrial Alliance allows you to have the benefits of their advantageous programs. They offer an Automax Coverage which provides a range of additional coverage options and a 4-Year Replacement Cost Coverage. This coverage offers more benefits for those individuals who own or lease a new car. The 4-Year Replacement Cost Coverage starts on the same date that you have purchased your vehicle. This allows the car owner to have 4 years of full benefits from this insurance company.

Though they work hard to meet their customers’ needs, it can’t be denied that they also have complaints to deal with. However, these complaints are not big issues and Industrial Alliance works to resolve these issues. But if you are willing to purchase a policy from them make sure that you have read and compared their quotes with others. By doing so, you have options to think about. Good luck!