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Infinity Auto Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers

Car insurance companies these days are on a race on who sells the best policy. In fact, in the US alone, hundreds of car insurance companies are noted in every state. This tells you that when it comes to choosing the insurance for your car, you need to be careful when selecting them.

Infinity auto insurance started back in 1955 when they began business as the Dixie Insurance Company in the American South. Their first client was the eastern Alabama and since then grew to 43 states all over America. Today, Infinity belongs to the Top 50 Property and Casual Insurance companies in the US. It was in 2002 that the company officially formed the subsidiary that oversees auto insurance of the business.

Though the company is licensed to service all 50 states of America, they choose to concentrate on servicing major urban cities. It has then built its base in lesser populated areas in the country with the help of the World Wide Web. With this system, many people are now recognizing the Infinity Car Insurance even in small counties all over the US.

infinity auto insuranceInfinity Auto Insurance specializes in offering non-standard auto insurance policies. This means that a potential customer who wants a customized coverage will have the best options with Infinity’s car insurance policies. Some of the coverage that this car insurance company offers include:

  • Standard personal car insurance 
  • Exotic Auto Insurance 
  • Commercial vehicle coverage 
  • Classic car coverage 

Additional comprehensive coverage allows the customers to have an optional medical insurance.


One of the things that make Infinity Car Insurance unique is that, they are willing to provide coverage to special cars, high risk-drivers and other cases that need insurance. This makes this car insurance company stand out above the others. It would seem that this company specializes in insuring people who drive sports cars, muscle cars and other high-ended vehicles on a regular basis.

Another best thing about this company is that they have the great online accommodation. This company is affiliated with over 12,500 independent online insurance providers all across America. This means that they are available and accessible even to the farthest people living in rural areas. That is why Infinity continues to serve their customers as best as they can. Recently, they have attained a stable rating from the AM Best rating agency. They have snagged the 4th rank in the Top 15 Insurance Stocks with AM Best. This just shows that customers can trust this car insurance company when it comes to their operating performance.


Most of the time, people complain about the small flaws and make it into a huge deal. So even if one company works as much as they could to serve everybody, some people will still be unsatisfied with their performance. Infinity is among those companies who can’t avoid issues from their customers.

Although this car insurance company strives to work well in all parts of its business, there are still some areas where improvements are a must. For one, they need to make more adjustments in their claims. Many customers are complaining about their customer support and claims assistance saying that their representatives should be more willing to help customers.

Customers have reported complaints that this company is not reliable when it comes to communicating with their clients. They never send any notices to their clients in case there are some changes made. In some cases, other customers have received double billings and have come to believe that Infinity is running a scam to get as much money as they can from their customers. Another filed complaint was that, they have additional charges on the things that you don’t need to pay.

One customer complained about the additional fee that appeared in his bill even though he was already a policy holder. He only wants to renew his policy but then he was charged with this fee without any notice. Other than that, Infinity is also viewed as an expensive insurance provider compared to other companies. That is why it is recommended that you compare other quotes from other companies so you can have options to compare.

There will always be unsatisfied customers now matter how much the car insurance company works for them. The cons of Infinity alone tell you that there will always be something that will not please clients. So if you wish to get a policy from this company, make sure that you have compared them well with other quotes. This way, you know what you are paying and where your money goes.




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