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Is Continental Warranty Car Insurance a Good Policy?

cheap car insurance for young drivers 

Car insurance is an important priority to many car owners that is why many people are not only looking for good but helpful insurance policies for their car. Without car insurance, car owners will have a hard time paying for any damages that may incur in case accidents happen. Car insurance policies play a great role to a car owner. But what happens if the car insurance you got is full of false promises? What will you do if it turned out to be disappointing? If this happens then better read this article.

With so many people using cars these days, car insurance companies are also gaining momentum. There are many car insurance companies that offer so many things to their customers. Some are great but some are found to be not as satisfying as their advertisement says. Among the many car insurance policies I have encountered, Continental Warranty car insurance has received so many bad feedbacks from their customers and here is why.

Many customers of this car insurance have complained about not keeping their promises as said. In return, customers filed complaints and posted rants on websites about this company. This is not good for any car insurance business to have so many complaints. Customers claim that the first interaction from this company, insurance agents are in a hurry to sell their policies. They will push everything to the customers just so they can get what they want and sell their own policies. What they do is to let customers pay them at least $200. This payment is refundable within 30 days if the customer decided that this policy is not acceptable within 30 days. Customers can cancel their policy and will be refunded immediately. Only this did not happen to the customer who complained about this situation.

Another complaint that I have read is that, these agents won’t even explain the whole policy or even show customers actual the policy. What matters is that they are able to sell this to customers through a single phone call. They also insists that everything is “covered” but when customers claim their insurance, these terms are not valid. Many of the customers that had signed up to this policy were not able to get the services that they offered through the phone. One customer complained that everything they have promised over the phone is not shown in the actual contract.

Customer services does not really resolve their own complains and is often passed from one agent to another. They also try to mislead other insurance companies. With this kind of feedback and customer complaints, who in the world would want to get a policy from this company? It’s a shame that companies like these still exist. I am not promoting any insurance company nor do I ask you to avoid this company. But with all the complaints and feedbacks, there’s no denying that customers are unhappy with their services. So if you still want to give this company a try then it’s up to you.

There are many other car insurance companies that can offer you more options. That is why it is recommended that you give it a thorough research and learn about their policies. Compare quotes and if possible talk to different car insurance agents. This way you will be able to find the best range of car insurance policies. It pays to be a wise customer, after all this is an investment on your part too. So be wise and look only for the best.