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Is Vandalism Covered Under Regular Insurance Policies?

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Vandalism is not only a form of scribbles on the wall. In fact vandalism can also happen to cars. It can happen at any time of the day or night, in any area of the city without any warning. It could be done by anyone too. In some cases, vandalism can leave harsh damages to your car like dents and scrapes or worse, leaving the car unusable or can be hazardous to the driver and passengers. Car owners who are victims of vandalism always find it hard to have their cars repaired. However, there are now car insurance companies that offer coverage in the event of vandalism. They understand the hassle it gives to the car owner that is why they have designed a policy that will help drivers in case these things occur.  

Since car insurance plans vary, it is important to know what your company offers and what kind of coverage you have in case of vandalism. You can also ask your car insurance agent about these things to further understand what your policy coverage is all about. There are many forms of vandalism that car owners might encounter. Take note that these acts are not limited to one. Vandalism can be in a form of key marks, shredded tires or sliced tires, spray paint or graffiti on the car, theft of objects inside the car, badge theft (which usually happens if you have cars like a jaguar or Porsche), smashed windows or windshield as well as eggs thrown or other foods thrown on the car.   

Once you realized that your car is a victim of vandalism, you must take the needed steps immediately. What you need to do is to report the incident to your car insurance company right away and call the local law enforcement. Make sure that you have as much evidence as possible since this will also be needed by your car insurance company. Include the date, time and the damage done to your car. If you can take pictures, do so. It will be a part of your documentation. Lastly, you should inspect your car and make sure that there is no other damage done. If you have broken windshields or windows, make sure that you have covered them. See also if there is a need for tire replacement on your car too. Some car insurance company might offer coverage for certain damages if they are reasonable enough. 

Vandalism is usually protected under your car insurance plans. Keep in mind that car insurance policies are created to protect the policy holder. In case you become a victim of vandalism, there will be someone to help you. Call your car insurance agent and ask about this option. This way you will know for certain if you are covered from vandalism.