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When you hear the car brand Jaguar, you can’t help but picture yourself in a fancy suit and drive off to some expensive ball and park your Jaguar in front of a gaping valet who can’t help but be in awe of the car you are driving. Sure, some of us may think of it that and wouldn’t it be nice if you can actually afford to buy the real deal? Of course, not all of us can but if you are one of those who can actually afford to buy one, know that the price of the car is not the only thing you need to worry. You must also think about the car insurance you will be getting for this type of car.  

It was in 1968 when the Jaguar XJ was created. The XJ series has come a long way since it was first founded by Sir William Lyons. The first generation of the XJs was available in 2.8 liter engines or a 4.2 liter engine. These series was sold by Daimler whose brand name at that time was Daimler Sovereign. The year was 1973 when the second generation was created, this time the sedans had a 3.4 liter engine. In 1982, several changes were made to this car and by the year 1988, the fourth generation of the XJ was born. This generation has two engines that were both sic cylinders and the engines were 2.9 to 3.6 liters. The fifth generation was introduced in 1997 where the XJ was introduced to the public. It was in 2004 that the sixth generation of this car arrived and this model is the current model being built today. 

Today’s Jaguar XJ model is designed with a 4.2 liter engine and in some models 5 liters. They are also equipped with a V8 engine so it can go to 0-60mph in less than 8 seconds. Starting price for this vehicle ranges from $70,000 to $115,000 depending on the model and the year it was made. 

Finding car insurance for this car is not a problem as there are many car insurance companies who are willing to insure this type of car. However, finding cheap car insurance is something you should consider. Since this is a luxury car, you may not be able to find something affordable as this car is considered to be one of the most expensive cars to insure. Your age, gender and location are among the many factors that can affect your premiums. Your driving records and credit score will also play a huge role in determining your premiums. So if you are looking for affordable car insurance for your Jaguar XJ, make sure that your driving record is clean, you are above 25 years old and you have good credit standing as these can all affect how insurers will charge you.